Nov 21 , 2023

A study by the Transport Research Laboratory in the U.K. found that when subjects were text messaging and driving at the same time, reaction speed was reduced by 35 percent, thereby increasing the likelihood of an incident. Those who were driving and drinking within the legal limit only suffered a 12 percent loss of reaction speed, and those who were driving under the influence of marijuana had their reaction speed reduced by 21 percent, 14 percent lower than while driving and texting. The study also found that texting and driving reduces a driver’s steering ability by 91 percent compared to 35 percent by a driver under the influence of marijuana.

Click here to read more about the Transport Research Laboratory study.

A June 2009 study by Car and Driver found similar results. While the study did not test drivers under the influence of marijuana, it confirmed that reaction times for drivers were slower while texting than under the influence

Click here to read more about the Car and Driver study

Of course, this inattention has led to increased accidents, some of which have been high-profile. While the problems with texting are serious, few states have passed laws outlawing the behavior. More troubling is that even were the laws to be passed, enforcement would present a hefty challenge. Nevertheless, we anticipate legislatures to start finding ways to address this growing concern and, unfortunately, see more clients injured by someone texting.

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