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Following a divorce and the finalization of the orders relating to child support and child custody, circumstances may change so that a modification of child support and custody order becomes necessary. The experienced Fort Worth family law divorce modification attorneys at Hawkins & Walker, PC, can assist you with seeking any modifications to the original divorce decree.

Some of the things most commonly modified after a divorce include:

  • Visitation Rights
  • Child Custody
  • Termination of Parental Rights

Children are oftentimes the most contentious subject of any divorce. When parents divorce, terms must be set for the rights of both parents in regards to the children. These terms are set with the rights of the parents in mind, but with the welfare of the child as the top priority: what is best for the child?

That said, the original terms of a divorce may stipulate parental rights that are not to the best interest of the child and may therefore need to be modified.

If you believe a post-divorce modification in Fort Worth is in order for the welfare of your children, and would like to seek to change the terms of your ex-spouse’s visitation rights, custody terms, or even wish to seek a termination of parental rights, come to the offices of Hawkins & Walker. Our experience in family law can help you achieve what is best for you and your children.

A parent who seeks to modify a custody or visitation order must show that circumstances have changed significantly from the time that the original order was entered. If there is a significant change in the job or income of the spouse paying support, a modification might be appropriate. A minor dispute between parents would not be grounds for changing the order. In addition, any modifications to child support must comply with Texas Family Code guidelines.

Perhaps the most troubling issue that could result in a child support and custody modification is the prospect of one parent moving. In reviewing the request and subsequent modifications, the courts will look at the child’s existing relationship with the parent who is not moving and how the move will affect the child. The courts will focus on the child’s best interest when determining whether a modification is appropriate.

The Tarrant County post-divorce modification lawyers at Hawkins & Walker, PC also believe that the best interest of the child is paramount in any family law litigation. We can answer your questions and help you navigate through the process of seeking a modification when necessary or representing you if you are the respondent in a modification action.

Our Fort Worth post-divorce modification attorneys are skilled family law negotiators and fierce advocates on behalf of our clients. We work diligently to save our clients the trauma and animosity of a courtroom battle through successful alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation. However, when amicable resolutions cannot be reached, we will aggressively represent the interests of our clients and their children in court.

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