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Arbitration is a form of alternate dispute resolution. An alternate dispute resolution is any problem that is solved outside of court as an alternative. In many cases court can be avoided through arbitration sessions. The process works by listening to both parties in a dispute, weighing the evidence presented, and making a decision that will resolve the dispute. The decision of the arbiter is both legally binding and enforceable.

Arbitration is often sought when two parties cannot come to an agreement for some reason and therefore cede the decision to a third party that has been informed and that holds no bias towards either side.

Mediation is similar to arbitration, except that the aim of the mediator, as opposed to the arbiter, is not to make a decision for the two disputing parties, but merely to facilitate communication between the parties so that an acceptable agreement for both parties can be reached.

Mediation is also a form of alternate dispute resolution and is used when communication between two disputing parties is too acrimonious to allow cordial, constructive dialogue. The mediator is there to keep both parties on topic and to dissuade the conversation from devolving to the point of non-communication. It is preferred by those who wish to come to their own decision, but are having difficulty.

For Fort Worth family arbitration or mediation, attorneys at Hawkins & Walker have practical experience resolving some of the more common disputes that may arise between family members.

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