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Depending on who you ask, it may be just a matter of time before you see Texas Laws change to decriminalize or legalize the use of marijuana. Until that happens, it remains important that you understand your rights under the current laws and fight to protect those rights and your record. Even with the relaxing climate surrounding marijuana use in other states, a possession conviction on your record can still make it difficult for you to get certain jobs, hold certain licenses, apply for leases or loans, and obtain admission into certain schools or programs.

The most common Possession of Marijuana charge we see is Possession of 2 oz or less. This offense is considered a Class B Misdemeanor and carries a punishment range of up to 180 days in jail and up to a $2000 fine. Depending on the circumstances and the person’s criminal history, these charges can typically be handled in a way that keeps the person out of jail and gives them the ability to keep the charge off of their public record.

However, possessing more than 2 oz of marijuana can carry a much severe punishment as seen in the tables below.

Quantity/WeightLevel of OffenseJail or Prison TimeMaximum Fine
2 oz or LessClass B Misdemeanor0-180 days$2,000
2 oz - 4 ozClass A MisdemeanorUp to 1 year$4,000
4 oz - 5lbsState Jail Felony180 days to 2 years$10,000
5 lbs to 50 lbs3rd Degree Felony2 - 10 years$10,000
50 lbs to 2,000 lbs2nd Degree Felony2 -20 years$10,000
> 2,000 lbs1st Degree Felony5 - 99 years$50,000
Quantity/WeightLevel Of OffenseJail or Prison TimeMaximum Fine
Less than 1 gramState Jail Felony180 days to 2 years$10,000
1 - 4 grams3rd Degree Felony 2 - 10 years$10,000 
4 - 400 grams 2nd Degree Felony2 - 20 years $10,000 
> 400 grams Capitol10 years - Life$50,000 

Possession of items that are used to ingest marijuana, such as pipes, bongs or rolling papers, or possession of items used to prepare marijuana like scales and grinders can carry a separate charge called possession of drug paraphernalia. A possession of drug paraphernalia charge is a Class C misdemeanor with a maximum fine of $500. Click here for more information about drug paraphernalia charges.

If you are being charged with or are under investigation for the offense of Possession of Marijuana in Tarrant, Dallas or one of the surrounding counties, it is very important that you immediately contact an Attorney that has experience handling these charges. When your freedom future and reputation are on the line, you do not want to face the court and an experienced prosecutor alone.

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