Fort Worth Traffic Offense FAQ

Can I handle a traffic ticket on my own?

Yes. You have the right to defend yourself against all criminal charges, including traffic tickets. But know what you're getting yourself into; when you go to court for a traffic ticket, a prosecutor with years of experience will be waiting for you, along with an even more experienced judge.. We have actually been hired by numerous attorneys to represent their traffic tickets because they aren't experienced with this area of practice. You can certainly take the time to prepare by learning the law regarding traffic violations and courtroom procedure. It's just like teaching yourself how to fix a bust pipe or a car, but most people simply don't have the time to do so. The fastest and least costly way to present your best case in court is to hire an experienced attorney to represent you, such as Hawkins and Walker.

Can I really get a free, no obligation legal consultation?

Absolutely! At Hawkins & Walker PC, we never charge for a consultation. An experienced traffic ticket attorney will consult with you in a way that is most convenient for you (in person, phone or via email). Then we will research your outstanding tickets and inform you of your options so that you can decide how to proceed. We try to look at your case and answer any questions you have in a timely manner, because we know how important time is to you.

If I'm guilty, why not just pay the fine?

There are hidden costs of paying a traffic citation that most people don't think about. If you simply mail in a check, you are essentially pleading guilty to the traffic ticket. Certain traffic tickets, particularly moving violations, can cause you to receive points on your driving record. Too many points will result in another fine and the suspension of your license. Additionally, some citations have their own surcharge. For example, pleading guilty to a no insurance ticket will cost you an additional $750 in surcharges over the next three years. Finally, a conviction on a traffic citation often means a substantial increase in your insurance premiums, or being dropped by the insurance company altogether.

As you can see, the hidden charges for a traffic ticket can be substantial. We have a very good record of keeping citations off of our client's driving record.

Why should I hire a lawyer to help with my traffic ticket?

There are three important reasons to hire us for your traffic tickets: to protect your driving record, convenience and because we are cost -effective.

Protecting your driving record. Hiring a traffic ticket attorney is the best way to protect your driving record (other than avoiding a traffic ticket in the first place). Our traffic ticket attorneys are experienced in Texas traffic laws and will look for a way to get your traffic ticket dismissed or kept off of your record. Traffic tickets on your driving record can result in possible surcharges (an additional tax accessed by Texas for certain traffic violations or an accumulation of points), an increase in insurance premiums and a suspension of your driving privileges. We have a very good success rate of keeping traffic tickets off of our client's driving records.

Convenience. Hiring us is a convenient way to dispose of your traffic tickets. Some courts, such as Fort Worth, have very long lines to pay your ticket, and if you want to fight your ticket you may have to make several trips to the courthouse. When you consider the cost of parking and missing work on several occasions, taking care of a traffic violation yourself can take quite a toll. You can avoid the lines and aggravation by hiring us. While we enjoy meeting our clients, a majority of our traffic ticket clients never come to our office and are handled completely through email or regular mail.

Cost effective. Hiring us will usually save you money. We are often able to get tickets completely dismissed or the fine reduced by more than our fees. Even when we are unable to get a fine reduced enough to offset our fees, by keeping a traffic violation off of your record you avoid surcharges and higher insurance premiums

Can a traffic ticket restrict my driving privileges?

Yes. Multiple traffic ticket convictions from moving violations can result in a suspended driver's license and restriction on your driving rights. But often we can help minimize any suspension.

Will I have to attend court?

Typically, no, but it depends on the court and the charge. In the mjaority of cases, we can fully represent you without you having to go to court. An exception is some courts will require you to be in attendance if we posted an attorney bond to lift a warrant. In addition, you will need to be in attendance if your case is set for trial.

Can you guarantee my ticket will be dismissed?

No, but we will do our best. We'll do as much as we can to get each traffic ticket dismissed. The more tickets that you have and the older your traffic citations are, the greater the chance that we can get your ticket(s) dismissed. We may also be able to have tickets dismissed by certain errors on the traffic citation, though not always. Be cautious of any law firm guarantees that your ticket(s) will be dismissed.