Speeding Ticket Attorney in Fort Worth

Need to Fight a Speeding Ticket? We May Be Able to Help

Speeding tickets are the most common traffic citations issued in Texas and the most common type of tickets that we handle. Speeding is a dangerous activity and should be avoided, but speeding tickets are often issued simply as a reason to pull a driver over and inspect something else. The reasons vary, but can include a spot check for sobriety, to see if you will consent to a search of your vehicle or to look for other traffic violations such as no driver's license, no insurance or expired registration / inspection. It is not uncommon for a driver pulled over for speeding to receive three or four additional citations.

Most speeding tickets are moving violations (the only exception is a speeding ticket for less than 10% over the speed limit. This means a conviction for most speeding tickets will result in two points on your Texas driving record for the next three years. An additional point is given if the speeding citation was issued in a school zone or resulted from an accident. When points accumulate on your record, you run the risk of owing a fine or losing your driving privileges.

Did you know a single speeding ticket can raise your insurance premiums from 25% to 400%? Insurers learn of speeding citations when a conviction is reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety. If the speeding ticket does not result in a conviction, then DPS is not notified. Don't assume you are automatically guilty if an officer pulls you over for speeding. Call Hawkins & Walker, PC. Our experienced speeding ticket attorneys help Fort Worth residents avoid speeding ticket conviction every day.



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