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As the name would imply, an occupational license is generally granted to an individual for the purposes of maintaining their livelihood. The most common restriction on an occupational license is a time restraint, which sets the time you can drive to a certain range of hours, perhaps just enough to get to and from work. There may be multiple reasons that your license has been suspended. Depending on the circumstances, your license may be eligible for reinstatement immediately by payment of money or by some other means. In other cases, you may have to apply for an occupational driver's license (sometimes referred to as a work or restricted drivers license).

An occupational driver’s license is a special restricted license that allows you to legally drive a non-commercial vehicle for work, school or to perform essential household duties during the suspension. The occupational driver's license will also allow you to receive a deferred disposition offer. If you need a defense attorney in Fort Worth handling occupational license cases, give us a call today.

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